Collaborative Augmented Targeting System (CATS)

Collaborative Augmented Targeting System (CATS)

Computerized targeting to defeat sUAS and advanced threats.

CATS is a next generation targeting system for small arms weapons. Utilizing CATS’ patent pending collaborative target sharing, military formations at all levels can defeat sUAS and other tactical threats. CATS’ real-time graphical targeting interface provides for accurate and timely fires and rapid threat defeat.

CATS bolts to existing weapon systems without modification. CATS’ small form factor, low cost and ease of use allow it to be utilized on a wide range of tactical mission-sets without increasing the logistical burden.

CATS provides tactical level cUAS capabilities, allowing units to preserve combat power and continue the mission after threat defeat.

CATS Advantages


CATS creates and shares targeting information with its network in real time. Ballistic Solutions are calculated and displayed in milliseconds, enabling rapid targeting and retargeting of stationary and moving targets.


CATS advanced sensors allow accurate targeting of man sized and smaller targets, including sUAS.


From fire team to company, CATS links all targeting info. CATS also ingests targeting information from external sources (TAC, MCH etc).


CATS easily mounts to any caliber of rifle and machine gun, as well as grenade launchers and mortar systems. CATS requires no modifications to the weapon system.


CATS computes and delivers targeting data in realtime and does not rely on the shooter to see a target and calculate where to position the weapon; it can engage NLOS, aerial, and moving targets with ease. CATS also enhances the ability to mass fire.


CATS functionality can be easily integrated into a layered air-defense system. CATS devices can receive targeting information from radars, EO, sonic systems and others and use it for kinetic engagement. CATS can also export targeting data to other lethal and non-lethal systems.