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Kinard Technologies exists to supply revolutionary warfighting systems to the United States and our allies to ensure overmatch against the enemies of the free world.

Collaborative Augmented Targeting System

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CATS is a modular, AI enhanced, software and hardware system to convert analog weapons to digital, smart, connected weapons.

CATS empowers small units to be more informed, more connected and more lethal.

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Our Team


Dane Pigott

Army Officer with deployments supporting JTFs in Syria and Afghanistan. Former COO of Pythagoras, exited. Product designer and problem solver.


Westin Pigott

Hardware and Software technology development leader. Formerly VP Software Development, Tech Insights Inc. Former CTO of Pythagoras, exited.


Babak Keradman

Former Director of Enterprise Data Strategy, Tech Insights Inc. Former CEO of Pythagoras, exited. Former CTO of Mad Mobile.


Michael Chase

VP Systems, Edge Networks Inc. Founder of OTBT, sold to Fortune 100 company. Designed rapid fielding capabilities for US Navy SEALS.

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